Hello, my name is Sarah Sotropa and I am a current graduate student studying Cancer and Cell Biology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Previously, I studied Molecular Genetics, Education, and General Psychology at The Ohio State University. My goal through this blog is to document my Undergraduate/Graduate journey through oncology research.

During my Undergrad, I have found a deep passion for medicine, public health, and genetics. Additionally, through volunteerism, lab work, and extracurriculars, I have found that I enjoy problem-solving and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

You may be asking, hey Sarah, why did you start this blog? Writing is important in science, whether that be writing research papers, organizing a thesis, or documenting scientific achievements. As a scientist, I want to focus on my ability to communicate with others through my blog posts and media. Through the years, I have found that this blog has been a great creative outlet for my self-expression.

Overall, this outlet has given me the opportunity to mature as a writer and graduate student.

I hope you enjoy my work!