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For the past two months, I have been working as a Research Assistant in a Cancer and Cell Biology research lab at the University of Cincinnati. Through my work, I have gained a better understanding of mouse models, breast cancer oncogenes, and genetic techniques–such as PCR, Western Blot, and BCA Assays. Additionally, I have received training to work with mice models. Because of my training, I provide injections, perform surgeries, and euthanize mice. In fact, last week, the postdoc that I work under allowed me to administer morphine injections into each mouse prior to fat pad injections. It was a great hands-on experience.

Alongside the genetic techniques and mouse models, I have had the opportunity to attend cancer and biology seminars, such as the Vontz Center Cancer Seminar Series (Spring 2021) and the Molecular Genetics Weekly Seminar Series. From these seminar series, I have gained more insight into autophagy and neurogenesis.

As of now, I am still mastering genetic techniques. My focus is mostly on Western Blotting as I continue practicing calculating protein concentration and set up the Westen Blot. Alongside Western Blotting, I have been working on mice genotyping (via PCR and gel electrophoresis) and organizing/analyzing the results. Eventually, I hope to learn how to perform tail injections and tumor removal in mice.

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