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Freshman Experience (Part II)

I have always considered myself active and involved in my community. For as long as I remember, I was playing tennis, soccer, part of Eastern Lighthouse or participating in other clubs at school. So, I had the expectation for myself to do the same in college.

Academic Fair:

Two weeks ago, there was an academic fair; I decided to go, and with my Freshman status, I had little luck. However, it was a good experience and I enjoyed looking at different medical companies and hospitals around Columbus as well as creating my resume.

Activities and Clubs:

I began at Ohio State a week early to join a cohort of around 60 Freshman and Sophomores. This cohort was part of the RLead Program, a program where students move-in early to help students in the OWL program transition into their Ohio State dorms. This was a great experience and I met many new students who cherish volunteerism!

I decided to continue with Relay for Life at OSU and join the Sponsorship committee, which asks local companies in Columbus for support and donations for the RFL event. I participated in RFL for three years in high school and had a good experience with it as a team captain and with the Survivorship committee.

Additionally, I decided to join the OSU Romanian Club and get more in touch with my Romanian roots as some club members speak Romanian and have Romanian connections, which makes me feel at home.

Lastly, I am in the Honors program, which I feel takes up a lot of my time with the honors ‘get-togethers’ and meetings. So far, I enjoy the community and the distinction of honors classes.

Hopefully, I can add onto this list the second semester as I seek out volunteer opportunities at hospitals and around campus, after adjusting to the transition!

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