End of Junior Year

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I took my last final last Tuesday. I was very content with the work I put in and the results of this semester because this semester was a tough one. For me, I found that this semester started off strong, but once COVID-19 became more prominent in the U.S., OSU immediately moved to online-classes. This switch was hard at the beginning. Taking physiology and physics online was tough, especially since I could no longer attend office hours in-person to ask questions.

Despite this drastic change in learning, I tried to create a schedule for myself so I could avoid sleeping in until noon–some days I was unsuccessful. I ended up learning a lot about myself as a student through this process.

  1. I learned that I need a designated study space to do well. At OSU, my designated study space was Thompson Library, but at home, my study space was a desk in my room. My desk at home was not as effective as Thompson because of the proximity to my bed and my siblings.
  2. I learned that I need to create a schedule to maintain my school routine. I used Google Calendar and set an alarm to wake myself up before my classes so I could eat. Some days, this alarm was unsuccessful, but I tried my hardest to stick to it.
  3. I learned that Youtube and Google are my friends. When studying for physio, I had a hard time understanding the QRS complex and the Loop of Henle. I was discouraged at first, but I ended up finding some great resources online to further my understanding.

This semester was a tough one, but I am extremely grateful for my professors, peers, and mentors for keeping me on track to a successful end. As always, Go Bucks!

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