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In the past few months, I have moved from True Crime and Social Justice podcasts to more science-based podcasts. Some of my favorite science podcasts are:

Science Vs: Compares scientific data to social fads. This podcast has a series around COVID-19 and the Delta Variant. Some great episodes are ‘Therapy: Does It Work?’, ‘The Delta Variant: How Bad Is It?’, and ‘Hunting an Invisible Killer.’ I feel that each episode is done very well and is an easy listen. Each episode is approximately 30-minutes long.

Radiolab: This podcast incorporates journalism, science, and ethics perfectly. This is one of my favorite podcasts and I was introduced to it back in 2018. My favorite episodes are ‘G: Unfit,’ ‘Gonads: X & Y,’ and ‘Birthstory.’ The sound engineering and consistent interviewing go hand-in-hand perfectly.

This Podcast Will Kill You: This podcast is led by an ecologist and epidemiologist and dives into a variety of infectious diseases. I picked up this podcast during quarantine because of the COVID-19 series hosts Erin and Erin started. My favorite episode made me cry and was called ‘COVID-19 Chapter 17: Frontline Mental Health.’ Hearing the heartbreak and struggles that doctors, nurses, PAs, and everyone else within the hospital has faced was difficult. Grief is never easy, especially when patients and their families are involved. This episode covered burnout, depression, and suicide. I sent this episode to several family members and friends, as it left a huge impact on me.

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