First Semester at The Ohio State University (so far!)

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Freshman Experience (Part I)

I came into The Ohio State University with high hopes, goals and lots of optimism. Some of these hopes and goals set in the right place, and others set too high. Just by going into my sixth week of college and having three midterms, a lot of realizations have been made (not all necessarily bad!).

I am currently taking 15 credit hours and wanted to discuss some of my classes and experiences so far:

I begin my schedule early every morning with Calculus I (1151). I really like the class and professor, as well as the content. Since I have already taken the class, I find it to be very helpful review, although the quizzes can be killer. Recently, I had my first midterm in this class and it went well! I just hope that this success continues.

My next class is Spanish III (1103.01). I also really like my professor and as we navigate through the subjunctive and commands, I feel confident with my Spanish skills. I was very happy with my first midterm result, and our textbook’s chapter 10 covered words about the medical field, which I though was a very cool application to something that I am interested in.

Following Spanish, I have General Chemistry (1210). I would be lying if I said this course was not challenging. It was described to me as a ‘weed out class’ and holds up this title as the midterm average was lower than what I am used to seeing. This midterm was rough compared to the other two successful ones, however, it is something that I can (hopefully) bounce back from!

Overall, these first few weeks have been a strange adjustment as I have decided to change my major from Mathematics to Genetics and hopefully have made the right decision! 🙂

As always, Go Bucks!

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