Honors GOALS for the Next Four Years

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Freshman Experience (Part VII)

Ohio State will not require ACT, SAT scores for 2021 applicants ...

Global Awareness

To increase my global awareness, I hope to travel abroad during either the Summer or Winter semester. Through my travels, I hope to do research in another country, such as Spain, and use my major of Molecular Genetics, to analyze genes or genetic patterns, and my Spanish minor, to communicate my ideas with others.

Original Inquiry

During my sophomore or junior year, I hope to start research related to my major. As mentioned under ‘Global Awareness,’ I hope to do this in another country. Additionally, I hope that the Molecular Genetics 2220H class will help me jump start my research and give me the confidence to seek out professors or companies to do so.

Academic Enrichment

Something that I think will distinguish myself from others is a minor, specifically a Spanish minor. By considering a rigorous major as Molecular Genetics as well as taking honors classes for my Spanish minor, I hope to grow as an individual, no matter how tough it is. Also, I hope at the end of all of this, I am able to try anything and not be intimidated by the ‘honors’ title or level of difficulty.

Leadership Development

As a freshman, currently, I have applied to be a Residential Advisor for my sophomore year. I love talking to different types of people, and through this experience, I hope to learn a lot about others, as well as myself as I navigate through all sorts of tasks while balancing my school life.

Service Engagement

Throughout high school, I was on the Relay for Life Survivorship committee, and I wanted to continue this in college. Because of this want, I am on the Sponsorship committee, contacting local businesses willing to donate to the American Cancer Society and sponsor our RFL event in April 2018.

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Hope you are getting ready for finals! This is Murphy. I am also a pre-med sophomore student but at Georgetown Univeristy. When I searched osu on google, I came across your blog. Your blogs are so lovely and sincere that I read through all of them in one go and very much enjoyed them! You are really a motivated person! I will be taking summer classes and doing research at osu this summer. If you will be on campus, I would love to meet you and grab a cup of coffe or something!


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