Ohio Universities that support #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives

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I am proud of the organizations and universities taking a stand to support BLM during this difficult time.

Recently, I have worked to educate myself on certain companies and universities that support diversity and BLM. One of these universities has been The Ohio State University, and as a Buckeye, I am extremely proud of the support for black physicians, nurses, and care takers.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Facebook

A statement from Ohio State was released which read:

“President Drake and [Melissa Shivers] both shared messages along with many deans, university administrators and your peers to acknowledge the deep pain, anger and hurt that the murder of George Floyd, and others before him, has caused our campus community, the Black community and many other communities around the nation, and even the world. I am truly exhausted of reading that another mother or father has lost their child…”

University of Cincinnati silently protest the death of George Floyd

While taking summer classes at the University of Cincinnati, I have received the following statement from President Pinto:

“Before sharing some ideas on how our University will make a bigger difference moving forward, I want to say a few words about the context for our call to action. Our nation’s original sin of slavery still haunts us. Today’s hate, racism, brutality and health disparities are cut from the same cloth. But we must remember these inhumane realities exist only because we allow them to. We can no longer social distance ourselves from that simple truth. We have the ability—and more importantly the responsibility—to eliminate them in the here and now. Let’s not fail our future by allowing the passage of time to dampen our resolve. Not this time.”

I want to acknowledge these universities and the steps they have taken to support their black students. The first step both universities have taken is to speak on the clear racism that has taken place. I am proud of the awareness and understanding both these Ohio universities have. As student interested in medicine and research, I greatly value diversity in the health care field. It is exciting to see the progress towards advocacy and support for minorities, especially in the hospital setting.

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