The Hustle and Bustle that comes with Dorm-Life

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Freshman Experience (Part IV)

After these past nine weeks,  I have developed a set routine: wake up at 8:20 am, brush my teeth and change, head to class. Come back to my dorm at 9 or 10pm after the hectic day of class, clubs and the gym.

Because of the constant busyness, I notice that I am rarely in my dorm (which is small and tight, so I do not mind being out).

After living in the same space with three roommates, routines start to develop and organization becomes crucial. I have noticed the importance of folding my clothes immediately after leaving the dryer, hanging up my clothes on the hangers and using my pink planner daily. All of these small tasks help me stay more sane and happy as I become more and more accustomed to the space.

Some simple things I have done to stay organized:

  • create goals & fulfill them
  • write down EVERYTHING that needs to be done for the day
  • picking out my outfits & packing my backpack the night before
  • promising myself to do laundry every other week
  • Post-it notes! (essential)
  • checking the Canvas and Ohio State App on my phone
  • making my bed (almost) every morning

Just after nine weeks, this system is already implemented into my daily life and keeps me on track throughout the week. 🙂 I hope to continue this organization and develop more organization patterns throughout this year (since there is still one more semester to go)!

Always, Go Bucks!

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