Medical/Nonmedical Volunteering during a Pandemic

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As a pre-medical student, it may be difficult to find hospital/nonmedical volunteer opportunities during the middle of a pandemic. However, it is crucial to get creative during this time to find volunteer opportunities within your own community.

In Columbus, I found that local hospitals are looking for volunteers to assist with Covid-19 related projects. In fact, yesterday, I volunteered for two hours at the Wexner Medical Center’s Eye & Ear Institute. At the Eye & Ear Institute, I took patients’ temperatures, to ensure that they did not have a fever, helped patients in wheelchairs get to their physicians, and handed out surgical face masks to visitors. It was a great experience and I enjoyed getting out of my room and volunteering. Additionally, it felt good to interact with others after a long period of quarantine.

Another great volunteer opportunity includes volunteering at soup kitchens. The Mid-Ohio Foodbank is looking for Columbus volunteers to assist as Kroger Pantry Assistants, Market Prep Helpers, and Produce Market Volunteers. Volunteering through this organization helps provide meals to those who may not have access to food during Covid and gives back to the local Columbus community.

One last volunteering opportunity that may be unconventional is writing letters to retirement homes. Writing a letter to senior citizens during this stressful time may help their morale and help them feel less alone. In fact, you can submit a letter to retirement homes through ‘Love for the Elderly’ and ‘Doing Good Together.’ Additionally, some retirement homes allow high school and college students to Zoom call their residents so they don’t feel alone.

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