Midterms, Studying and Stress

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Freshman Experience (Part III)

I feel that it has been a while since I last wrote something, and after the hectic day of having two midterms, I felt that it would be good to reflect on today holistically (while I studied, stressed and attempted to de-stress).

Typically, I study at Thompson Library on OSU’s campus because of its reading room, large windows and motivation I get from all of the other students studying. I find the library very aesthetic as well as comfortable. I think this is the most important factor while studying–the environment. I also like how it is very quiet, with no music and no talking.

For the past five days, I have been studying for my second Chemistry and Calculus midterm. Chemistry was rough– as expected and there is already a nice curve being discussed. Calculus was not too bad. There was a lot of review from the first midterm, which thankfully I covered, but I felt that there was a time crunch for both exams. Overall, I made it through the day alive and well, which was my goal.

Something I did today to de-stress was yoga! I had my seminar Body of Knowledge class with my professor who invited us  to: “bring our yoga mats!” To this, I thought, heck yes! Time to relax before my next midterm! It was very refreshing while I concentrated on my breath and twisted my torso. Also, the day before my midterms, I went to the gym, ran a mile and a half and then stretched myself out. I came back, showered, and studied while feeling refreshed!

So far, I am quite pleased with my study habits, I just wish I implemented them sooner. While studying I usually print out old midterms, if available, practice problems in the textbook and watch Khan Academy videos. Practice, practice, practice! Also, I have realized the importance of reading textbooks. Just sitting down and understanding them because they are pretty well written and pack-full with information.

As always, I pray that my midterms continue to go well and Go, Bucks!

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