Seminar Presentation: Golgi Regulation in HER2+ Breast Cancer

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On Thursday, April 6th, I presented my thesis work in progress entitled ‘Regulation of Golgi Morphology by a New Tumor Suppressor, p47, in Breast Cancer Cells.’ I had the honor to present my work in front of top oncology scientists and get feedback from PIs, post-docs, and my fellow classmates.

With my work, I was able to defined breast cancer, alongside the four main subtypes including luminal A, B, HER2, and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). Additionally, I was able to show the results from a CRISPR Autophagy KO screening revealing p53 and p47 as top, significant hits.

Through Western Blot Analysis and Immunofluorescence, it was found that the loss of p47 lead to changes in Golgi morphology. Specifically, the loss of p47 lead to Golgi fragmentation. I was able to quantify Golgi morphology changes in ImageJ, R, and eventually Python.

Following my presentation, the next step is to analyze the p97 KD, an AAA+ with its cofactor of p47. This summer, I will be published my work through the University of Cincinnati Graduate school, and I am ecstatic to see where my research work goes next!

Attached is the PDF version of my presentation:

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