Shadowing (Part II)

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Today, I shadowed cardiologist, Dr. Costea, at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. I had a very unique experience as I witnessed five heart surgeries that lasted from five minutes to over two hours.

I learned a lot about the heart and the cardiology field. One of the main things I was taught today dealt with the difference between the upper and lower parts of the heart. The upper part of the heart is less complicated and severe than the lower part of the heart, which is where serious and life-threatening occurrences appear. Additionally, the right side of the heart leads to the lungs, which is why cardiologists always start with the right side and then transition to the left side of the heart, which is more complicated as it leads to the head and feet.

The ‘QRS’ complex is also very important as it deals with the normality of a heartbeat.  By having this in an Electrocardiography (EKG), the heartbeat can be considered normal. Also, there is a depolarization and repolarization that occurs with ‘QRS.’

Burning parts of the heart are also important. This burning process is completed by a catheter used by the cardiologist. By using specific tools, such as ultrasound and x-ray, the specific location of the heart can be found and burned to decrease the chance of there being an irregular or premature heartbeat.

Overall, I had a great experience today and hope to continue looking into the specialty of cardiology!

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