Beginning of Sophomore Year

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It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog, so I decided to jump back into the old habit (and this time talking about year two)! The start of my sophomore year has been very busy so far. I recently started my position as a Resident Advisor on campus and as a Red Cross intern. Balancing these two jobs has taught me a lot about the importance of planning, time management, and sleep. Honestly, Google Calendar has been my best friend these last few weeks as I plan when to study, go to class, and work.

So far, I am loving both of my jobs! My RA role gives me the ability to form new relationships with people on my staff and floor, while my Red Cross job gives me an insight into the Mangement role of a company. Both of these jobs are quite diverse, in terms of the job description, but happen to be interconnected. Through these two jobs, I learned the importance of flexibility, communication, and teamwork.

In terms of classes, I am feeling more studious and optimistic– even with the daunting Organic Chemistry. I have been attending office hours, getting tutored and studying ahead, which I hope will result in a better understanding of the┬ámaterial and a better GPA!

I cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester holds, and as always GO BUCKS!

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