Sophomore Year Semester 2

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This semester, I am very excited to start major classes, dive deeper into my education minor, and finally decide between minoring in psychology or neuroscience. I am continuing my role as an RA, volunteering at the Wexner Medical Center, and joining CHAARG– an all-girl fitness group on campus. I also plan on developing better studying habits throughout this semester and improving my GPA.

Something that I have learned about myself, from last semester, is that I am an auditory learner. I learn best by reading the notes aloud and testing myself on the material. Group studying is also very beneficial, especially when creating questions and then asking a group. Before I always studied alone and visually, however, after changing my study method from visual to auditory learning, I immediately noticed an improvement which resulted in getting one of the highest grades on my biology final!

Alongside continuing to study every day and volunteer, I also hope to grow and maintain a better mental and physical health, this semester. By joining CHAARG, a social fitness group, I hope to attain this. Additionally, I am taking a one credit hour yoga class, at 8 am, and hope to start off my day with a good exercise that focuses on my mental and physical strength.

I can’t wait for this semester to start! As always, go Bucks!!

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