The Start of Graduate School

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Three weeks ago, I started my master’s program in Cancer and Cell Biology. I have enjoyed the start of the program so far and I have met so many amazing scientists with strong passions for cancer research.

This semester, I am taking two courses and working full-time in Dr. Guan’s laboratory. The two courses I am taking are Data Critique and Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology (Mol Cell). I had my first presentation for Data Critique and my first exam in Mol Cell. I performed well on the exam and was happy with my study habits. After each lecture, I would create flashcards on Anki and study for 1-2 hours. Four days prior to the exam, I studied for 6-8 hours each day and drew out the diagrams outlined in the lectures.

I am happy that I performed well and am proud of myself for my study and work habits so far. It truly paid off in the end.

Some goals that I have for graduate school:

  • Get my thesis published and choose a topic for my thesis by next semester
  • Maintain a 4.0—or close to it (I want to perform my best and truly understand the topics/concepts)
  • Meet new people and potentially do a rotation at the Children’s Hospital
  • Shadow some M.D.s at Children’s (gain more experience in medicine)
  • Attend a Cancer Conference—at University of Cincinnati
  • Present my thesis/research at a poster presentation
  • Apply for the Presidential Research Award at University of Cincinnati
  • Learn how to remove tumors from mouse models

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