Together We Heal: A Coffee Chat

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On Saturday, January 16th, I attended the ‘Together We Heal: A Coffee Chat’ with Dr. Breland-Noble and Dr. Turner. Both doctors discussed their experiences with racism, especially following the insurrection that took place on January 6th. Throughout the conversation on Zoom, the two doctors discussed the issue of racism within the United States and how they learned to cope with trauma.

Something that Dr. Breland-Noble commented on throughout the dialogue was the importance of acknowledgment. As Americans, we all need to do our part in acknowledging trauma and racism within the U.S. In fact, Dr. Breland-Noble mentioned how real and difficult re-traumatization is for black Americans. One great coping mechanism that Dr. Breland-Noble mentioned was meditation, positivity, and acknowledgment of one’s surroundings. Dr. Turner discussed her own coping mechanisms by acknowledging when she is grounded, safe, and present. Additionally, Dr. Turner said she becomes grounded through deep breathing, drinking water, and calling a friend. Lastly, Dr. Turner says that communication is key, whether this be through talking to friends or journaling.

One key idea that was mentioned by both doctors was mental rest and physical exercise. The need for movement is key, especially within the pandemic that we are all experiencing. Additionally, it is important to filter what we expose ourselves to. As Dr. Turner said, anxiety is very prominent and we need to manage our own anxiety, especially while reading the news. Overall, it appears that we need to be active in our own proactive coping while understanding our own stories and reactions.


Our minds need to be healthy in order for our bodies to be healthy. Therapy is a great way to promote a healthy mind because it allows us to unload negative feelings onto a neutral person. Additionally, as a society, we need to do our best to normalize anxiety and depression.  

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