Video of Semester One & Reflection!

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Reflection of Semester One

I learned a lot this first semester. One of the biggest lessons I have learned from living in a dorm on campus and having an abundance of time is time management! This was something that I struggled with in the beginning because I was unsure of which clubs to join or what to do in my spare time. Also, the thought of having to be committed to an activity for the next four years was terrifying.

One way I conquered this fear was by joining clubs and doing things I was actually passionate about. I applied for research positions and signed up to rush in January because, in college, I do not want to regret not trying something, so my motto for this year is: “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Something else that I have learned from the first semester is that you get what you deserve. The amount of work you put into a class, an activity or a club will result in an outcome, and a lot of the time the outcome is deserved. From this first semester, I have learned that if I consistently give my best work and 100% effort, I should be happy with the outcome. I learned this especially after seeing that two of weed-out classes were not curved. I was upset at first, but then I realized that I gave both classes my all and that I was proud of how hard I worked.

So the overall lesson from this first semester: As long as I give it my all and manage my time well, I should be happy with the outcome!

As always, go Bucks!

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